Flavors & Seasoning

Flavors – our flavors presents in below applications:


· Seasonings for snacks

· Flavors and spice mixtures for culinary products

· Spice mixtures and additives for meat products

· Spice extracts

· Seasonings for dressings


Non – alcoholic beverage:

· Fruit bases and compounds

· Flavorings for clear drinks and flavored waters

· Flavoring emulsions for cloudy drinks

· Natural herb flavors


Confectionery & chocolate:

· Flavors for hard and soft boiled candies

· Flavors for jellies, gummies

· Flavors for chewing gum

· Flavors for fondants and aerated confectionery

· Flavors for fillings, spreads and toppings

· Flavors for chocolate products



· Flavors for cakes, patisserie, biscuits and cookies

· Flavors for bakery fillings and toppings

· Flavors for cereal and fruit bars

· Seasonings and pastes for bread

· High temperature, bake stable flavors


 Dairy, ice cream, sorbets & frozen desserts products:

·Flavors for milk drinks and ice creams

· Flavors for yogurts, dairy desserts, ice cream, sorbet and frozen desserts

· Dairy enhancers for dairy and non-dairy products

· UHT treatment stable flavors



·Tobacco flavors

· Tobacco flavors for water pipes(Shisha)

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