Hydrocolloids & Stabilizers


Because of its excellent gelling and texturizing abilities, it is widely used in the fruit processing industry and in confectionery products as well as in the dairy industry i.e. in acidified beverages and yoghurt drinks. On the other hand, it is also used as thickener agent in specific pharmaceutical applications. Ceampectin® exclusive line extracted from citrus fruits is your natural choice for ensuring an optimal functionality and process ability in different industries.


Ceamfibre® is a natural fiber ingredient purified from citrus peel with high functional properties for a wide variety of applications. Ceamfibre® improves cooking yields, controls drip losses, reduces fat/meat/solids content, maintains product forms, and prevents undesirable gel formation and fat separation. In addition, it improves texture and replaces other gums and ingredients in the food formulations. Likewise, it provides a pseudo-emulsion that allows eggs to be substituted and improves the quality of frozen dough. Thanks to its interesting functionality, cost effective products can be obtained with Ceamfibre® by reducing formulation costs and improving yields. 


Carrageenan plays an essential role in the food industry because of its ability to provide stability in milk products, control the water content in meat products, stabilize ice-cream or give the desired texture to confectionary products, water desserts and fruit preparation. On the other hand, carrageenan is a well-known additive in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and home care industries, where it can be used as thickener or film forming agent. CEAMSA is constantly developing new products of carrageenan and exploring new applications in order to provide its customers with optimum texturizing solutions for their products.


Alginate is mainly applied as emulsifier, texturizing and thickener agent, as well as to give thermal and freeze-thaw stability. In the food industry, it is used for gel and film formation, meat process and instant dairy desserts, among others. Furthermore, it is used in cosmetics, medicinal products, printing industry, constructions and pet food. There are five main types of commercial alginates; these are: sodium, calcium, potassium, ammonium and propylene-glycol. CEAMSA offers a unique alginate product range classified depending on the gelling speed, texture and viscosity.

Locust bean gum

Locust bean gum consists of a long chain of galactomannans with a high molecular weight, which provides high viscosity to the food product. It is used not only as a thickening agent in numerous applications but also providing synergies with other hydrocolloids as it is the case of carrageenan. The combination of these two hydrocolloids increases their gel forming capabilities. Ceamgum® product range provides high viscosity, transparency and brightness, which are the essential qualities for applications such as water desserts.


Agar-Agar is a natural high-molecular linear structure extracted from red algae. In food industry, agar-agar works as a gelifier, thickener and stabilizer. Agar-agar is commonly used in beverage, jelly and puddings, ice-cream, chewy candy, canned food, meat product, fruit jam and dairy product.

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