Sea Food & Shrimps

Sea Food & Shrimps Shrimp have more than 300 species worldwide, with almost 30 of them commercially important. These species usually belong to the Penaeus family, The economically important shrimp of the Persian Gulf can be mentioned below: • Penaeus indicus • Penaeus merguiensis :one of the most expensive and most important edible shrimps. • Penaeus semisuleatus • Metapenaeus affinis • Litopenaeus Vannamei (white leg shrimp) :the white shrimp native to the Latin American west coast. Its benefits include resistance to salinity, cold and disease and the highest growth among other cultivated species. Therefore growing this shrimp in the cold seasons will also be economical. White leg shrimp need less protein foods and therefore cheaper food. Types of Iranian shrimp for export  HOSO (Head-On Shell-On) Shrimp: White Head and Shell, Completely.  HLSO (Head-Less Shell-On) Shrimp: Without Head, With Shell  PUD (Peeled Undeveined) Shrimp: Without Shell and With Vein  PD (Peeled & Deveined) Shrimp: Without Shell and Vein  PTO (Peeled Tail On) Shrimp: Without Shell and Vein , With Tail